1. kostas Schinochoritis said:

    Μπραβο Μανια , πολυ ενδιαφεροντα τα θεματα , απλα , κατανοητά κ περιεκτικά τα κείμενα.

  2. Nikolas Tatas said:

    Μπράβο Μάνια!! Συγχαρητηρια!!!

    • Ευχαριστω πολυ Νικολα!! Πωπω ποσα χρονια.!

  3. Labbé said:

    I also look for knowing who is the architect of The M Hôtel I discovering last WE in London.
    I think that He has been influenced by Claude Parent, a french architect who is The inventor of “Oblic fonction”. Jean Nouvel, at Philharmony in Paris said that Il has been influenced by Parent. Snohetta in The Oslow’s Opera too.
    I though that it was perhaps a building designed by LIBESKIND.
    I am a french civil Engineer with a passion for The architecture, and more exactly for The links (or the distances) between Architects and Engineers, or Art and Techniques.
    Claude Labbe
    Blog : pergame-shelter.blogspot.com
    I am on FaceBook

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